Our summer schedule has started on July 4th, but you can still register for clinics and pay a prorated amount that does not include the first or second week.  

In order to view and register for the adult clinics please follow the following steps: 

1. go to https://playercoach.pro/academy/bunescutennis/z5SjVTSGZjvy3EoD  . If you have not  yet joined our academy, this link is an open invite link - you just have to click accept and are instantly connected. (**if you have not yet registered on PlayerCoach, please do so by clicking the button in the top of the page)

2. Navigate to the "Programs Tab". Browse and read through our clinics to decide what is right for  you. 

3. When you find one that you like and want to register for it, click on Enrol, follow by confirming the pop up message. 

4. You are now registered. We will receive your registration and send you an invoice as soon as possible. 

5. if a program is full, you can still place yourself on the waitlist. We will contact you as soon as a spot opens up, or if we create another clinic. 

7. The last week of August will be used for rainout makeups. If there is more than one rainout, alternative arrangements will be made. You will be able to monitor the progress of the clinic and your attendance through the app. 


Beginner's Clinics 

Beginner's Clinics are perfect for beginners or players who have played a bit in the past and been out of the sport for a while. The main focus of this clinic is to get players able to rally, serve, and keep score to be able to play a match. We will cover all of the basic shots - forehand and backhand topspin / drive / slice (underspin) , forehand and backhand volleys, serving and overhead. 


Feeding Frenzy Clinics 

"Feeding" in coaching terminology reffers to a coach delivering a specific type of ball to a player to practice a specific shot. Feeding frenzy clinics focus on volume of shots hit... you will get a lot of repetition on whatever shots we are focusing on in that clinic, and you will also get a strong workout since the pace of the clinic will be quite fast. We do not have a set schedule for exactly what shots will be on which days, we will go with the flow and take requests at the beginnign of the clinic and make a game time decision on what to focus on. 


Doubles Strategy Clinics 

This clinic is aimed towards Intercounty team players or serious doubles players who would like to brush up on their game and make sure they are ready for the most knowledgeable of opponents. Learn about positioning, movement, and how to flow together with your partner to optimally cover the court. 


Shot Mastery Clinics 

Any "Mastery" clinic, i.e. Forehand Mastery, will be an in-depth dive into the technique of that specific shot  where we share more advanced knowledge and allow you to experiment with it. The idea behind these clinics is not to wipe out your old stroke and replace it with some textbook idealist definition, but to allow you to experiment with different ideas and see if any of them could be suitable for your stroke style, athletic capability and long-term commitment to improvement. We will also be using a lot of specific resistance traning drills to improve your power production for the specific shot. 


Netplay Clinics 

Volleys, two touch volleys, drop volleys, pick up volleys, swing volleys, regular overheads and backhand overheads, serve and volley and approach and volley combos. How and when to approach, in both singles and doubles. What is the high percentage player when at the net?  There is a lot you may not have known. The content will be catered to the general level of the group. 


Doubles Point Play Clinics 

This is a 6-8 person clinic that will include some net skill development and fast paced rotation of doubles point play. It is a fun and easy going clinic that is light on theory / development and heavy on exercise and laughter. 


Ladies Lunch Time Group 

Half Social and half serious business, this clinic is meant to be a ladies only getaway from the stress of daily life. We are working on having a couple of active female college players join our staff, and if they do, they will take over coaching this group. 


Mens Performance Group 

The Mens' Performance Group is a pilot 6 week training group of men who want to play competitively and develop their skills in that direction. We will follow our junior performance academy training style, splitting a 2 hour training session into skill and tactical development for about the first half, and point play for the second half. The point play will include both singles and doubles. This is a great clinic to be in if you are competing in the ladder, the intercounty teams, or if you are planning to play some Ontario tournaments this summer. 


Cardio Tennis Clinics 

Think of cardio tennis as a solid cardio workout with tennis sprinkled in. It is mainly a physical development clinic that includes some non racquet+ball drills, a lot of movement, and some fun hitting of coach fed balls. It is very fast paced, and... the beats will be PUMPING!


For any further questions about the content of our adult clinics, please don't hesitate to contact our head pro: +1.647.209.3538 or sebastian@edenbridgetennis.com