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Club Opening Event: TBD

Free with your membership | Courts will be open in April

Help set the courts up for the season and make some quick friendships along the way.  Meet the club’s administration and officially be the first to play on the courts.  This is also the opportunity to pick up a membership if you have not yet done so.  Depending on the weather and lockdown measures, we will determine when this event will take place.

C-Team Tryouts: Wednesday May 12th, 2021

This event is open to both members and the public. If you are interested in playing for Edenbridge Club's team, please join us this evening to strut your stuff. Our club pro will be running drills to determine who will be able to represent the club in the Intercounty league. The tryouts will take place from 7pm-9pm. 

Bring a Friend to the club: May 29th, 2021

Open to members and the public. If you are thinking about joining the club, but don't know any members, then this is the event for you. We invite all members and non-members to bring out friends, co-workers or family members to the courts to see if they would like to join the club too. If they have never played tennis before, we have lined up a number of events for beginner tennis players. Depending on the weather, this may be postponed to Sunday, May 30th.

Family Day: June 5th, 2021 

Open to members and the public. If you love tennis, chances are your partner or kids will to. At this event, you are invited to come to the courts with your family. There will be lots of games and chances for beginners to try out the sport. You will also meet the pros and get information about the different programs offered throughout the spring/summer/fall. Depending on the weather, this may be postponed to Sunday, June 6th.

Round Robin: Sunday's at 3pm

Open to members only, all levels welcome. If you want to play, but don't have a hitting partner, then feel free to join us every Sunday from 3pm-5pm, where a regular round robin will be set up. Depending on the players each week, there will be mixed doubles, women's doubles, men's doubles and possibly even singles play. This fun, non-competitive event is also a great way to meet members. 

Beginner's Nights: Tuesday evenings TBD

Free for members, open to the public for a fee (TBD). If you are new to tennis, but want to learn and meet others at your level, then come out to play on Beginner's Night. This will take place once a month, on a Tuesday evening from May to September - 7pm-9pm. A club pro will also be available to give pointers and help develope your game.

Tennis Clinic with the Pro: June 9th, 2021

Available to members and the public. Edenbridge Club's pro will be running a free tennis clinic from 7pm-9pm. 

Play with Wooden Racquets Day + Demo new raquets

Play with Wooden Racquets | TBD 
Nominal Fee 

Member's only event. Before carbon fiber, before metel, ceramics and steel, tennis racquets were made of wood. At this social, see what it was like to play with a wooden racquet.  Those who own wooden racquets are welcome to show and tell. Come out and enjoy some strawberries and cream, and play some tennis. 

Tennis Laddar


            A singles laddar will be run in summer 2021 for members only. More details to come...

Club Tournament

Spring & Autumn | TBD

Open to members only. These club tournament may feature a singles, doubles and mixed roster.  Minimum two matches for each category entered.  Prizes and bragging rights will be awarded!

*The club reserves the right to add, modify and/or cancel any of the events mentioned above and may do so without notice.