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Annual General Meeting: January 22, 2024

This virtual meeting is open to all members. We will be going through the club financial statements, give everyone an update on the planned events, voting in new board members and answering any questions. 

Club Opening Event: May 4, 2024

This event begins at 12:30 and will include refreshments for our members and round robin play. Members of the board and the club pro will be available for questions about the club and its offerings. (Rain out date May 5th)

Intercounty Leagues (B & C Teams): 

B-Team matches begin TBD, C-Team begins TBD

This event is open to paying members only. Regular league play will take part on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9pm beginning TBD and running for 14 weeks. If you are interested in playing for Edenbridge Club's team, please join us on TBD (rainout TBD) to strut your stuff. Our club pro will be running drills to determine who will be able to represent the club in the Intercounty league. Team practices will take place every Saturday 10am-12 noon starting TBD.

Ladies Day League: 

Begins: TBD 

This year, we are taking part in a Tuesday Daytime league for women. This league is ideal for those at a lower skill level, but friendlier play between clubs. Matches will take part on Tusday's from 9:30-11:30am and begin on TBD - running for 14 weeks. 

House Leagues: 

Begins: TBD and Advanced begins TBD

For more relaxed, social play, we will be running two house leagues. One regular league for players (1.0-3) on Wednesday evenings (6-10pm) and an advanced house league (3.5+) will play Sunday evenings (5-8pm).  All participants will be placed on a team and play for points against fellow members. This is a great way to get involved, meet other members and have regular play each week. These two leagues will begin TBD and run until September.
Free for paid members.

Friday Round Robins: 

Runs from: TBD

Open to members only, all levels welcome. If you want to play, but don't have a hitting partner, then join us every Friday evenings from TBD, where a regular courts and balls will be available. Depending on the players each week, there will be mixed doubles, women's doubles, men's doubles and possibly even singles play. This fun, non-competitive event is also a great way to meet members.

National Bank Open discount tickets (TBD)

We have worked with National Bank Open to get a section of seats so that our members can sit together at a great discount. Additional discount codes will be provided closer to the event.

Wimbledon: Strawberries and Cream Social (TBD)

           This social is open to members and will include delicious strawberries and cream treats at the courts, along with round robin play. Members will need to sign up to attend in order to help us prepare enough food.

Club Tournament (September TBD)

Open to members only. This club tournament could feature singles and double doubles depending on the number of contestants that sign up. The team that wins the most points will win prizes and bragging rights!

Tennis Ladder

            A singles laddar will be run in summer 2024 for paid members only. Signup is only available to paying members through their account.

*The club reserves the right to add, modify and/or cancel any of the events mentioned above and may do so without notice.