This page is the central repository of all information related to the Request for Proposal for the Top Coat Application scheduled for Q1 2024.

Download RFP.

RFP Related Dates:

RFP Issue Date

May 1, 2023.

RFP Closing Date

June 30, 2023.

On-Site Visit Cut-Off

June 16, 2023.

Receipt of Respondent Questions

June 16, 2023.

Response to Respondent Questions

June 21, 2023.

Top Respondent Selection and Consultations

July 14, 2023.

Best Bids and Board Selection

July 31, 2023.

* All times are assumed to be 11:59pm on the date indicated unless otherwise stated.


Project Related Dates:

City of Toronto Rebuild Project Start

September 18, 2023.

City of Toronto Rebuild Project End

November 2023.

RFP Project Start

March – April 2024.

RFP Project Absolute Cut Off

May 1, 2024.



All questions and responses sent to the club during the approved time period will be posted here for all respondents.