June 28, 2023.



We regret to inform you that the City of Toronto has just informed Edenbridge Tennis Club that our court rebuild project has been deferred to 2024 due to funding shortfalls.


As a result, this RFP has been cancelled effective immediately.


Please accept our sincere apologies for any time you may have committed to this effort.


We will keep you posted on updated timelines as further information becomes available.



Edenbridge Tennis Club


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This page is the central repository of all information related to the Request for Proposal for the Top Coat Application scheduled for Q1 2024.

Download RFP.

RFP Related Dates:

RFP Issue Date

May 1, 2023.

RFP Closing Date

June 30, 2023.

On-Site Visit Cut-Off

June 16, 2023.

Receipt of Respondent Questions

June 16, 2023.

Response to Respondent Questions

June 21, 2023.

Top Respondent Selection and Consultations

July 14, 2023.

Best Bids and Board Selection

July 31, 2023.

* All times are assumed to be 11:59pm on the date indicated unless otherwise stated.


Project Related Dates:

City of Toronto Rebuild Project Start

September 18, 2023.

City of Toronto Rebuild Project End

November 2023.

RFP Project Start

March – April 2024.

RFP Project Absolute Cut Off

May 1, 2024.


Additional Notes:

  • Preliminary specifications indicate that the court surface would be larger by about 20 feet from the existing courts towards the shed.

Questions and Answers:

(Edenbridge Answers under bullet)

  1. Is there an updated siteplan, ideally in the form of a CAD file that we can use to make accurate materials measurements for this project? The scope documents don’t say anything about the size of the area proposed.

    • Request placed to the city.  Will be shared here when received.

  2. What is the new RFP Project Absolute Cut Off? We haven’t seen any adjustment from the previous stated date of May 1, 2024 since we last spoke

    • Propose a time that works best for your organization with the understanding that we are looking to do the work as early as feasible.

  3. If no detailed siteplan design exists, then could you inform us of what colours are to be selected for the design? Different colours carry different materials costs, and so this will also be material for the proposal.

    • Single color blue or purple.

  4. There is no water access on site, but water is required for the resurfacing of materials. Is there any access to water anywhere on the site?

    • There is no water available on site, contractor must furnish their own water.

  5. Item 1.4. states that new foundation, lighting, fencing, and net posts are to be installed. Are we correct in assessing that this means that the net posts will be installed prior to the proposed surfacing? If so, is it possible to request that nets be installed after the surface is installed, as we would have to uninstall the nets before the job is to be completed.

    • Inquiry to be made, should be possible.  Answer will be shared here.

  6. What is the standard and quality of asphalt being installed on the court surface? 

    • Specifications will be shared here once the response is received from the city.

  7. Access: what do we have the ability to use in terms of access infrastructure? As far we know there is a bicycle path that is about 1km in length, as well as a forest path that is about 900m. If we are allowed to drive service vehicles along the bicycle path it would seriously help with project timeline, as otherwise we will have to wheel every single drum of material to be used in the project 900m through precarious terrain.

    • Yes, you will be able to work your way through the path from Scarlett Rd.  The crews doing the rebuild will likely use the same path. 

  8. Design/siteplan: were you able to get a hold of this from the city? We have a general idea of the current size that would then be + 20 ft per your previous comment, but as pricing is partially based on a per square foot basis, we would need better information for a more complete or accurate quote.

    • The information has been requested and will be shared here once received.

  9. Re: Asphalt quality – it is usually up to the owner of the project to set the standard for construction when we are bidding on coatings only, but for our professional recommendation, we would recommend two courses of asphalt, one 1.5” HL8 Base and a 1.5” HL3 (not hl3a) top, with a subbase of 300m granular a subbase compacted to 95%-98%, with a grade between 0.83 and 1% - but again that is up to your project scope as we are not bidding on this work. It just makes a difference to us as to how many coats we need for the base.

    • Will be shared with the chosen contractor.