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Tennis Club FAQs

Is there indoor tennis available during the winter?
No, Edenbridge is a seasonal outdoor club that does not have indoor facilities. The courts are closed during the winter months.


When is the club operational?
We are a seasonal club that opens in the spring. 
We typically operate from April - October/November. If you sign up on our website (free) you will receive our newsletter regarding exact dates which are weather dependent each year. 


Can members bring guests who are non-members? 
Members can bring a guest to play on the courts. All guests will be required to subscribe on club's website and purchase a day pass ($15). Should the guest wish to join the club at a later date, part of their membership fees will be already paid for through the purchased guest passes.  


I don’t have anyone to play with, what does your club offer?
The club runs a number of programs for our members – including leagues, socials, tournaments and round robins. We also have an email group where you have access to other players looking for someone to play with.


Is there a tennis ladder available at your club?
We have implemented a digital ladder for 2023 which can be accessed through the member's dashboard in the PlayerCoach portal. Additional Ladder instructions and rules can be found here.


Are there tournaments offered at your club?
We host a season-ending tournament every year pending membership interest.


Membership FAQs

When are 2023 memberships available?
Our memberships are available for purchase now - please create an account (free) on PlayerCoach and purchase your membership (adult, family, senior, junior). Additional instructions for club membership purchase can be found here.


Does membership include lesson fees?
No, lessons are paid to the club pro, are separate and in addition to the membership cost.


Can I get a tour of the facilities before joining?
Our facilities are the courts. The club does not have a clubhouse or any other facilities that would require touring.


What is the age range for senior’s membership?
Senior memberships are available for members who are 65+.


Is there a waitlist to be a member of your club?
At this time there is no wait list to join Edenbridge Tennis Club.


What does membership include?
Club Memberships run from March to the end of November and there are 5 types:

  • Adult membership includes:
  1. Court Bookings
  2. Access to all club socials, round robins, house leagues, tournaments (in some instances at extra cost)
  3. Lessons with Club Pro (at extra cost)
  • Family Membership includes:

Same as Adult, but allows for two adults, junior members

  • Senior Membership includes:

Same as Adult, but for individuals 65+

  • Junior Membership includes:

Same as adult membership, but for teens or kids under 18 years of age.


I have a family membership, how do I add my partner/kids?

Each family member will need to create a profile account on PlayerCoach. Once these accounts have been completed, you can log into your PlayerCoach account and:

1) Click on 'Membership' and select in the drop down nav 'View current membership'

2) Fill in the 'Enter an athlete' field

3) Confirm you want to redeem the athlete

For additional instructions with visuals, use this guide.    




Court Bookings FAQs

Can I book a court several days in advance?
Courts are available for booking 1 day in advance. For more info and rules go to the court booking guide.


Is there a cost for court time and/or court bookings?
We are a city permitted community club and we do not charge an hourly rate for court time. There is no fee for booking courts.


How many bookings can I make at the same time?
Each member is able to book a 1 hour slot in a given day.  So two members playing singles can book 2 hours, a group of four can play for 4 hours.


Can I delete a booking?
Yes.  You are able to cancel a booking made online through the close 'X' in the top right of the booking bubble. For more info and rules go to the court booking guide.


Tennis Lessons FAQs

Can I coach someone myself and/or bring an outside coach to train with?  Is use of the ball machine or baskets permissible?
Our club has a designated club pro and the ball machine is his property.  There is no coaching permitted by non-club pros.  Only the club pro may use a basket of balls and no external ball machines are permitted.


Can non-members access tennis lessons from your club?
Sorry, only members can book lessons.  We do have a “lessons only” membership (Adult Instruction and Social ONLY) which is less expensive but does not allow you to book a court without a pro.

Do you offer lessons for kids – what are the age groups?
Age groups vary based on skill levels.  Please contact the club pro for details.


Do you offer lessons or clinics for adults?
Yes.  The club pro holds lessons and clinics based on the level of interest.


Do you offer private or group lessons for kids or adults?
Yes. The club pro offers private and group lessons for kids and adults.


Are there lessons available for seniors?
Yes.  Our club pro offers lessons for seniors.

How can I contact the club pro?
Sebastian's email and phone contact info is located on the coaching staff page.


Volunteering FAQs

Does Edenbridge offer volunteer work in the summer?
Yes.  We are always looking for volunteers for both longer term commitments and single events.


Does Edenbridge offer internships?
Yes.  Please contact us at info@edenbridgetennis.com


I’d like to help run programs, can I join the board?
Yes.  Please contact us at info@edenbridgetennis.com


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