James Gardens Tennis Club had once been a vibrant part of the Etobicoke community.  This club, which had been around for over 45 years, ceased operations at the end of the 2018 season.

This unfortunate outcome came about as a direct result of what can only be described as an inept club administration.  Over the course of a 25 year period, there was little to no investment made into the club facilities or courts, virtually no programming and absolutely no marketing of any kind.  As the facilities started to show their age, members quickly flocked to other clubs with better facilities, better programming and newer courts.  

There remains a troubling aspect to the club’s history which includes the fact that for the past 25 years, the club’s executive had never conducted a single Annual General Meeting, never issued financial statements and had not published or shared the club’s by-laws.

The entire situation unravelled on August 21st, 2018 when the James Gardens executive announced the abrupt closure of James Gardens Tennis Club without any warning or consultation with the membership.  

After months of back-and-forth dialogue, the new executive decided to start fresh and formed the Edenbridge Tennis Club.



Keeping in line with our value of transparency, below are the links to unedited PDFs of the interaction between Jane-Ann Murray (former James Gardens Club President) and Boris Fucic (Founder and President of the new Edenbridge Tennis Club).


Original Notice of Closure from JG Executive

Boris Fucic responds to Original Notice with Questions

Jane Anne Murray's first response

Boris Fucic Requests an Emergency General Meeting of All Members

Jane Anne Murray's Final Response Declining Emergency General Meeting