May 1, 2020

Edenbridge Tennis Community,

I hope that all of you are keeping well and that your loved ones are healthy and safe.

In keeping with our club values, I wanted to use this month’s newsletter as an opportunity to provide a brief update on where things stand with Edenbridge Tennis Club’s 2020 season.

As a small local community club running in a City of Toronto facility, we are truly at the mercy of what the city elects to do.  As the city seems to be changing directions with some frequency, the Edenbridge Board has adopted a “wait and see” approach to the season.

At this time there are only a few things the board can communicate with any sort of certainty however, I do feel that the points below are worth sharing:

  • Memberships - For those who have purchased memberships this year – Thank You!  Your support means a lot to us.  Your 2020 membership will entitle you to a proportional credit toward your 2021 membership.  This credit will be calculated based on the number of days we are late in opening this season.  Should we not have a season at all, all 2020 memberships will be carried into 2021.  The club will not be issuing refunds due to the associated transaction costs which we would need to absorb.

  • Permit - The city has issued Edenbridge TC an updated DRAFT permit. This means that should the city and province allow re-opening; we are starting on June 29th.  The city has the option to change this date and we are not been required to pay for this permit until the date is confirmed.

  • Expenses - We have cancelled all permits, insurance and any on-going/recurring expenses.  We are financially stable and are not adversely impacted by any operating expenses during the shutdown.

  • Team Play - Intercounty Tennis Association has paused their season and at this time they are considering a shortened or accelerated season.  This will largely depend on when things are re-opened and how many clubs can get their teams together.

  • 2021 Rebuild / 2020 Repairs – We have not received any updates from the city regarding plans for next year’s rebuild.  With regards to our planned repairs for this season, the board will decide the best course of action when the opening date has been confirmed. 

It is worth pointing out that in places which have started to reopen, Tennis and Golf were the first sport activities to be allowed to restart.  With that I am cautiously optimistic that we will be able to salvage some of our season and at least save a few social activities in 2020.  In the interim, the board is looking to host a social Zoom meeting in the coming weeks.  Keep an eye out for details.

I wish all of you the very best through these challenging times and hope to see you on the courts soon!

Kind regards,

Boris Fucic
Club President